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PES Prostate Stimulator Electrode

PES Prostate Stimulator   Electrode

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  • E-Stim Accessory
  • Bends To A Perfect Fit
  • Create Powerful Sensation

    The PES Prostate Stimulator Electrode takes prostate play to electrifying new heights. The aluminum bulb conducts electrical current to stimulate your P-spot, and is anchored to a bendable T-base that can be reshaped to a perfect fit for your unique anatomy. The shape of the T-base also prevents the electrode from being inserted too far, keeping it safe to use. The PES Prostate Stimulator can connect to any TENS unit with low profile leads (the PES Power Box has these included, or they can be purchased separately from PES to use with other units).

    Technical Information
    Requires a TENS unit to operate (not included). Must be used with PES low profile leads (like those included with the PES Power Box or available at Also requires a second electrode to complete the circuit (like the PES Tubular Base Ring, PES Mid Ring, or PES Testicle Tubular electrodes). Materials: Aluminum, brass, plastic, Electro-Flex tubing (wire with silicone elastomer coating). Length: 5" (when straightened). Width: 0.8" at the widest point.

    Read and follow all instructions before using.

    Notes On Use
    Do not use this item if you or your partner is pregnant or has a pace maker. Silicone lubricants are not recommended for use with this item.
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