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Bedroom Commands Sex Card Game

Bedroom Commands Sex Card Game

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Bedroom Commands sex card game is simple and satisfying. With his and her decks and over 100 sexy suggestive bedroom sex commands for both partners, you'll be able to take control like never before! This double deck game has sexy suggestions for both him (Dirty Daddy) and her (Sexy Bitch). Whenever you wish to make your demands, select a card and have your partner perform the action. The Bedroom Commands you might pick range from romance and foreplay to roleplaying or special twists on acts of intimacy. When it comes to the bedroom, it's ok to be demanding.

  • Simple & Satisfying
  • His & Hers Decks
  • Over 100 Sexy Commands

    Includes 53 Sexy Bitch cards and 53 Dirty Daddy cards.
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